Hiro Goes To School

Dedicated to Gary

So here is my first posting in English, just for you, a banana~ (damn it!)

There is a tune in my skull since god knows how many years back. So strange that it just pops when you told me that you are entering some college to study again, imagining you strolling along some KL street bearing a backpack or sort.

Years past. You finished your study, you found your love, and you told me a couple of months ago that you have been blessed with a baby boy--I was not even know since when you have got married! My response was like "fuck~!!?", with spring sound effect as accompaniment. That is 90% a symptom of "buy one free one", so I just take it like this, as you never tell me that its not like this :P No offence dude, just an old time joke. Yes I am still as naive as ever.

Got your short messages recently, I am totally fine, but sorry I can't make it to engage you for my marriage MV.

You asked me about your true love :P Well I have got little contact with Steph, the last time I talk to her was like two months ago. She bought a house in KL for her family, passed her grade two exam in violin, and her answer was positive when I asked her whether she is now sure about her sexual orientation. She is going well with her, yes, "her". Anyway, the bottom line is: she is doing well.

As for me tonight, I am at least accomplished one thing that I wish to do since ages ago: Dedicate this "Hiro Goes To School" to you, my dear friend.

(The first part is the said tune and the second part was improvised just now)